Established in 1983. SBS Cleaning Pty Ltd has since grown into a large professional organization providing an unparalleled quality of service to its customers. With 30 years of experience in the industry, delivering cleaning services to over 36 prestigious commercial businesses, buildings and apartments across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

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The founder of SBS Cleaning, Harry An he emphasizes the importance of retaining good people (staff and business partners) for the business success saying  “Let’s grow all together and share what we have achieved together”.

For the future, we simply aim to continue working with our clients, and strengthen our client base by way of recommendation and by really keeping in tune with what our clients really want and expect from us.

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!  We communicate well with our clients, ensuring we understand your needs and deliver accordingly. That is how we survive in this extremely competitive environment.

SBS is well aware that it is at a turning point in its business life of whether to go forward or whether to keep holding back in this competitive industry.

To support the commitment to establish itself as a major provider of cleaning services, SBS has recently adopted the most innovative management system in the cleaning industry. Furthermore it has assembled an experienced management team, an investment that has brought together a wealth of experience from other leading companies in the industry.