Whether it is the carbonation technique or carpet steam cleaning, we use the appropriate carpet cleaning method that suits the fabric type of your carpets.  Carpets add glory to the internal furnishing of your home and are worth professional care. We not only clean them deep, our carpet cleaning services also help restore the longevity of carpet fibers.

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Whatever your carpet cleaning requirements, our fully trained technicians will assess your home or workplace and recommend the correct cleaning method for your carpet to achieve the optimum result.  We offer a variety of cleaning methods; with truck-mounted industrial steam cleaning machines, portable hot water extraction machines and dry cleaning systems available.
Our standard carpet cleaning process includes:
All necessary furniture removed.  You don't need to lift a finger.

We Pre-Spray carpet with high quality, non-toxic, bio-degradable detergent then apply a variety of different treatments depending on the stain type eg. red wine, grease, chewing gum, blood, food spillages, etc.  If necessary, an application of a heavy duty detergent will be applied on heavily stained traffic areas.
The application of our non-toxic sanitising wash destroys these bacteria leaving a clean and safe office environment and a pet and toddler friendly home.
We guarantee our skilled technicians' attention to every detail and the use of our top quality products will provide you with the best results possible.

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