We proudly say we have 30 years' experience that enables us to cultivate a high level of expertise in all cleaning areas, catering to residential, commercial and industrial sectors across Sydney, Australia. With over forty professionally trained, educated and dedicated staffs , SBS continues to be at the forefront of the industry being recognized for its excellence in service, commitment and dedication.

SBS Cleaning has been operating within the Metropolitan area for the past 3 decades and has a wealth of experience in the prestigious apartment building cleaning services, many our clients are famous high end residential apartments or commercial buildings such as The Quay, The Highgate, The Finger Wharf and Tower Office Building Milsons Point etc.

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* All of our staffs wear uniforms and name tags.
* The staff of SBS Cleaning Pty Ltd is aware of the need for good customer relationship to achieve Residents satisfaction.
* Our labour plan incorporates cleaners & an area manager to cover 7 days a week, 52weeks a year including public holidays except Christmas day and New Year day. The supervisor/cleaner is to ensure the cleaner’s safety and daily duty, and an area manager is to check the performance of staffs and to communicate with building managers.
* Our cleaning inspector will do the full inspection on a fortnightly basis or even more frequently if needed.
* Material – The contractor is to provide all cleaning and materials as part of the contract price (biodegradable/environmentally friendly products only) except consumables.

ACN: 154 340 539     ABN: 36 068 228 231, 31 154 340 539
Address: 54/36-44 Fontenoy Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113    
Phone: 0414 842 828 / 0433 228 700     Fax: 02-9262-6967
  - Public Liability  AMP ($20,000,000): Policy No. AP8WB01257
  - Workers Compensation  GIO (UNLIMITED): Policy No. EW451985157

Accountant: Mr. Paul Shim - CJ Financial Solutions
Financial Institution:  SUN CORP Pitt Street, Sydney